Bathbomb Surprise DINOSAUR

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Bathbomb Surprise DINOSAUR
Bathbomb Surprise DINOSAUR
Bathbomb Surprise DINOSAUR
Bathbomb Surprise DINOSAUR

Make bath time so much more fun with our Dinosaur Bathbomb Surprise. Each bath bomb has a dinosaur inside, which dinosaur you get is the surprise.  Let your kids hold the bomb in their hand as they pop it in the bath to feel the fizz and watch it disappear and see their din issue appears in their hands. 

Handmade with love & fun by 9 year old Aria (with a little supervision & sometimes help from mum).

Made with skin friendly ingredients and no perfumes to be sensitive on kids skin. 

INGREDIENTS: bicarb soda, Epsom salts, cornflour, cream of tartar, citric acid, mica powder, QV kids bath oil, polysorbate80, water. 

Bathbomb colour sent as random. Bathbombs are round unless otherwise specifically stated. 

WARNING: not suitable for children under 3 years old, choking hazzard, includes small parts. 

PLEASE NOTE: bathbombs are available for local delivery only. Please check below for your postcode to ensure your order can be accepted.

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